Professional Protective Glasses (1 PC)

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  • [Professional Protective Glasses]--With ANSI Z87.1 standard certification and in line with international goggles certification implementation standards, its comprehensive protection and sturdy materials can easily to help you solve problems, and eyes care will be more and more important because your great attention;
  • [Anti-fog Transparent Lens]--Using tough and hard wearing PC material which is durable and serviceable, transparent lens can keep you clear visual effect, and has fog-proof characteristics to make your eyes more comfortable and sureness;
  • [Reasonable Frame Design]--After continuous improvement,combined with a variety of experiments, the eyewear have a more fitting and tight protection effect. Most importantly, the blinds are added to the temples to reduce the sultry heat and achieve the effect of light and air permeable;
  • [Wide Range of Use]--Whether you are in a laboratory, factory or other outdoor locations, you should have a J-HUA goggles, which can effectively isolate harmful splashes, dust or debris from entering the eyes, and cut off the radiation of ultraviolet rays to the eyes;
  • [Suitable for Many Face Types]--In order to make your wearing more light and comfortable, we have created such a pair of glasses suitable for a variety of face shapes according to European and American face shape research.

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