【New!】Fupi Beancurd Skin Crisps (Sichuan Mala / Hotpot Tomato)

Flavor: Sichuan Mala(Spicy)
Sale price$5.99


Contains 75grams of fǔpí Hot Pot Tomato flavoured beancurd skin crisps.

This tomato soup base flavour delivers that recognisable sweet and sour tang, on an equally crispy fried beancurd skin, that hangs on just long enough for you to feel that savoury satisfying feeling. Packed in re-sealable bags, fǔpí beancurd skin crisps makes a great to-go snack. Certified Vegan-friendly! No preservatives, high in fibre, as well as cholesterol and trans-fat free.

Fupi Beancurd Skin Snack is just the snack you need. High-quality soybeans made to perfection.

Nothing beats a good ol' snack especially one like ours - crisp, light and coated with top-notch flavours. They say the addiction is real and we believe them.

Oh, and by the way, our snack is made with all positivity, zero added preservatives and 100% fupi (beancurd skin).


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