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  • High efficiency in blocking bacteria, airborne particles.
  • 3D design to suit the child's face
  • No irritation to the skin
  • Breathe freely and comfortable to wear


Product name:Disposable Face Mask

Usage: For 4-14 years old child 

Components and Function:

  • 1st Layer: Non woven fabric(blocking large particles and mist)
  • 2nd layer: Melt Blown fabric(blocking the bacteria, splash, and dust)
  • 3rd layer: Non woven fabric(skin-friendly and breath freely)

Size: 3-ply; 14.5x9.5 cm

Quantity:50 pcs

Model no: Q/DST 008-2020

Batch no:20200501

Standard:GB/T 38880-2020

Production date: 20200501

Expire Date: 2 years


Instruction to use:

1. Press the nose clip slightly to fit the bridge of the nose.

2. Pull down the mask to the lower forehead

3. Adjust to cover the face



1. This mask is single-use. Please dispose of after wearing it for 4 hours.

2. Children who are allergic to the fabric cannot use the mask.

3. Do not wash or use it twice.

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