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A gel-type room fragrance that spreads the scent of Lavons in the room space. A solid perfume with an elegant sense of freshness. Designed to enchantingly enhance your interior. Indulge yourself in a refreshing solid air freshener. It is a luxurious design with a gold cap in a heavy glass container. Setting The Mood At Any Event, Spaces, Living room, Bedroom, and entrance All our products are carefully made in Japan following Japanese quality standards. The idea of layering scents allows you to explore the infinite possibilities of fragrance. Our products are high-quality and reasonably priced so that everyone can experiment with their own scent blends Duration: Approximately 30~45 days and environment-friendly refills The bottle itself could be used after the inside is gone. How to use: (1) Remove the cap and remove the aluminum seal. (2) Fit the cap firmly and place it in a stable place. * If the gel becomes smaller and the scent becomes weaker, please use "Lavons Room Fragrance Refill" Scent TOP: Gardenia; MIDDLE: Rose, Muguet, Vanilla, Jasmine, Violet; LAST: Woody, Amber, Musk Precautions for use: ● This product cannot be eaten. ● Keep out of reach of children. ● Do not place in places where pets can approach. ● Do not leave it down. ● If the contents are spilled, the painted surface or floor may be stained or discolored, so wipe it off immediately. ● Do not store or use in places with high temperatures or in direct sunlight. ● Hold the glass part when carrying. ● Do not ignite the gel. ● Do not use for any other purpose. ● In rare cases, the color may change, but there is no problem with quality. [First Aid] ● If you accidentally eat it, immediately spit it out and consult a doctor. ● If it comes in contact with eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with running water. ● If you feel unwell during use, stop using immediately, rest in a well-ventilated place, and if any abnormalities remain, bring this product and consult a doctor. * Please do not use it in a car.

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