[LION] Collar sleeve stain remover 220ml partial detergent white shirt detergent

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💙LION - 바르는 비트 Collar sleeve stain remover💙 This product removes stains easily from the collar and sleeves that are not easily erased. Instead of the hassle of hand washing only the collar and sleeves, cleanse them easily by applying detergent like glue. [Product information] 1.Brand : LION 2.Product name : 바르는 비트 Collar sleeve stain remover 3.Components : 1p/3p/6p 4.Precaution ✔ Wash the product immediately when it gets into the eyes ✔ Be careful not to touch infants. ✔ If there is a skin problem during use, stop using it. ✔ Do not use it for any other purpose ✔ Do not mix with other products. 5.How to Apply 1~2 times to the contaminated part of the laundry and put it in the washing machine with other laundry.

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