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Haitai Coco Palm is a Korean juice or drink with coconut and grape flavor. It is very sweet and has coco Nata de Coco or coconut jelly in it. Ingredients: Water, Sugar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Nata de Coco, Grape Juice Concentrated, Citric Acid (E330), Glucose, Vitamin C, Grape Flavors.

– In 1994, Haitai introduced a fruit drink with coconut jelly. This drink was designed for all age groups to enjoy a chewable coconut jelly in a fruit juice. This fruit drink is also one of the best selling products in the beverage market because it combines what consumers want: to quench one’s thirst, a fashionable drink, and the taste of tropical fruit.



Nata De Coco (Nata De Coco Jelly, Sugar, Citric Acid), Grape Juice Concentrate, Purified Water, Sugar Citric Acid, Artificial Flavouring Compounds (Grape Flavour), Sodium Citrate, Vitaminc, Acesulfame Calcium, Sucralose.

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