TDK KN95 Protective Mask(non-medical) 1PC

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TDK KN95 Protective Mask(non-medical) 1PC/Bag

50 PCS=1 BOX

Filter Efficiency ≥ 95 %

Executive the standard code: GB 2626-2006

Product name: KN95 Protective Mask(non-medical)

product specification and model: 1PC/Bag of folding ear hanging 15.5cm x 10 cm

Product Usage Description:

Serviceable Range: The scope of application is applicable to the protection of non-oil particular matter self-priming filter respiratory protective equipment.

Product structure: The product consists ofouter layer of non-woven fabric, a middle filter layer of melt spray cloth, and hot air cotton, inner non-woven fabric four layers.

Storage Condition: The product shall be stored in an environment of normal temperature, ventilation, relative humidity bot higher than 75%, non-corrosive gas, away from fire sources and flammable substances

Product date: see Package valid 2 years

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