FL Fengle Disposable Medical Mask(non-sterile) 5*10pcs

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DISPOSABLE MEDICAL MASK Epidemic Emergency Product/non-sterile

【Product Name】Disposable Medical Mask

【Model】Earloop 17.5cm×9.5cm

【Medical Device Product Registration Cert.No.】 Guangdong Medical Device Registration Certificate: 20202140417

【Medical Device Production Technical Requirements No.】

Guangdong Medical Device Registration Certificate: 20202140417

【Medical Device Production License No.】

GD FDA Medical Device Production License : 20203602

【Scope of Usage】It is used by medical staff during medical operation, covering the user's mouth, nose and chin, providing a physical barrier to prevent contact with pathogens, microorganisms, body fluids and harmful particles etc.

When used by the general public, it provides additional protection over normal 3-ply protective masks.

【Product Composition】It is composed of the mask body, nose clip, and earloop.

The mask body is made of non-woven fabric (inner and outer layers), which is nonsterile and disposable.

【Instructions for Use】Place the mask with nose strip at the top, dark color facing outwards,light color facing inwards. Hold the mask against your chin, place the ear loops around the ears to secure and adjust until it feels comfortable. Use hands to bend nose strip along the top edge of the nose to the shape of the face. Check the mask to ensure the correct fit.

【Attention】 (1) It is used for medical protection and home care.

(2) Check whether the package is in good condition before opening, confirm the external packaging mark, production date and validity period. Please use it within the validity period.

(3) Do not use when the package is broken. (4) Persons allergic to nonwovens should use with caution. 

5) Disposable mask, dispose of properly after use.

(6) The used mask shall be disposed of according to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Department.

(7) Do not wear during a surgical operation.

(8) Avoid touching the inside of the mask.

(9) Please use it as soon as possible after open. (10) This product is valid for l year from the product in date if stored in proper conditions

【Storage and Transportation Conditions】 Store in an area with no more than 80%relative humidity, no corrosive gasses and good ventilation. Handle with care, keep in a cool place and away from fire.

【Production Date/Lot No.】See on the package.

【Registrant】Guangzhou Feng le Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

【Manufacturer】Guangzhou Feng le Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

【compiled date 】2020/04/ 17

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