Amazing™ Nitrile Latex-Free Disposable Gloves (300 PCS) - M/L

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Amazing™ Nitrile Latex-Free Disposable Gloves (300 PCS) - M/L

  • Our lightest nitrile formulation for the ultimate in tactile. For those who demand the highest level of sensitivity and comfort. Eco and convenience packed in 300s.

Product Description

Thinner, lighter and more flexible than standard Nitrile, our new Amazing® gloves are so comfortable, you’ll feel the day just fly by. They also conform perfectly to your hands to give you the superpowers you need to conquer the day. The unique Nitrile formulation of Amazing® is thin and flexible enough to deliver higher-tactile sensitivity, yet strong and safe enough to perform under pressure.


Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves

  • Material: Nitrile (100% Latex-Free)
  • Type: Non Sterile
  • Glove Design & Feature: Ambidextrous and Finger Textured
  • Cuff: Beaded
  • Usage: For Single Use Only
  • Color: Transblue
  • Thickness: 2.0 mil
  • Packaging: 300 pieces per box* / 10 boxes per case
  • Automated packing to enhance single glove dispensing
300 pieces per box* / 10 boxes per case

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