Uyeki Anti-Mite Laundry Detergent 500ml

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If you would like to make a whole sheet or cover "Keep Away" effect, then DaniClin Laundry Additive type helps you. Just pour a spoonful of DaniClin Laundry Additive in a washing machine and turn it. Wen washed with DaniClin Laundry additive type, a whole sheet or cover gets coated with the effective ingredients that repels dust mites and effectiveness continues for a month even after 2-3 times wash. Can be used together with other laundy finisher like softeners, etc.


This non-toxic dust mite repellent is fitted with patented DaniClin. Simply pour a full cap into your laundry. The repellent can stay effective up to a month even after two to three washes. Suitable for home with babies and sufferers of allergies. Can be used together with other laundry finishers, like softeners, etc.


Aliphatic carboxylic acid ester, antibacterial agent

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