QJ Non-sterilized Surgical Face Mask Type II (50 Pcs)

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QJ Non-sterilized Surgical Face Mask Type II (50 Pcs)

EN 14683, TYPE II, BFE≥98%

REF:17.5 x 9.5 cm 3-layer

Instructions to surgical face mask Type II

  • Product description
  1. The instructions to the surgical face mask type II takes non-woven fabric as the main raw material, without dye or chemical substances, and is very gentle to sensitive skin;
  2. It is a medical device covering the mouth and nose providing a barrier to minimize the direct transmission of infective agents between staff and patients.
  • Usage method 
  1. Keep the skin dry, open the mask, the light-colored cloth toward the face and the nose bar above;
  2. Hang the ear sling on the left and right sides of both ears and adjust, so that the force on both ears is even;
  3. adjust the position of the mask, spread the mask up and down, completely cover the mouth and nose;
  4. After use, it shall be discarded in the specified dirt box and treated ina unified way to avoid the hazard of repeated use of products and environmental pollution.

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