A+ MediPro ASTM F2100 Level2 Medical Face Mask(Non-sterile) 50PCS

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A+ MediPro ASTM F2100 Level3 Face Mask(Non-sterile) 50PCS


【Product Name】: Disposable Medical Face Mask(non-sterile)

【Product Code】: XX0002B-L2

【Product SIze】: 17.5*9.5 CM

【Product Component】:

  • 30% melt-blown
  • 68% non-woven fabric
  • 1% plastic strip
  • 1% spandex elastic

【Executive Standard】: YY/T 09692013

【Manufacture Lot】:20200912

【Manufacture Date】:20200912

【Product Expiry Date】: 2 years

【Manufacturer】: Hubei Xinxin non-woven Co., Ltd

【Imported By】: GPC Internation Inc.


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